Testing the new iPhone app

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This is my work phone.

So true

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Sigh. Yeah, probably.

And we're back

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After fiddling around with Tumblr for a short while, the old site is back up. Please visualize a circa-1995 “Under Construction” animated GIF.

Just watch this

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via boston.com

Not if it was the last pesto on earth

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A group of friends and I had such a horrible time at a local restaurant this past Friday that I wrote about it on Yelp. Here is my review. Seriously, don’t ever go to this place.

The tv saga endeth

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As you may or may not have heard, the 46″ Samsung DLP that I bought a little over two years ago from the online arm of a “big box” retail electronics concern died a couple weeks ago. For simplicity’s sake, lets call them “BB”. I had a service plan, so eventually a BB tech came out and had a look at it. He said a couple circuit boards were toast, and he’d order replacements and fix it. The process was expected to take a couple weeks, so that sucked. He called a couple days later and said that it turned out to be cost prohibitive for them to fix it, so we’d be getting a replacement TV. He gave me a claim number which was good for a new TV. Yay.

Last Monday, Miyuki and I went to the BB in Evanston. After looking me up in their system, they said they’d be willing to give us a 50″ DLP in exchange (no one makes 46″ DLP’s anymore). I pointed out that I spent quite a bit of money a couple years ago on a 46″ DLP, so I’d rather they give us a 46″ LCD, which was much closer to what I paid back then, but was still cheaper by a few hundred dollars. They said they couldn’t do that, as they have to match TVs on a feature-to-feature basis and not cost or size, and the value of the old TV had depreciated over the past couple years anyways. They would also be willing to give a credit equal to the cost of a DLP towards an LCD. (The latter of which was presented as a very magnanimous solution.) I called the service plan hotline and they confirmed those policies1, so I went with a 50″ Samsung DLP because the credit would have only covered about 2/3 of the cost of the LCD.
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Call me photojournalist

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Daniel Dae Kim wants you to buy khakis

The Consumerist used this picture that I took on St. Patrick’s Day last year in a story about how The Gap is contracting. Pretty cool.

Land of scrunched-up text

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New Mexico quarter
I don’t know if this is what inevitably happens when you try to cram a state name, two dates, a graphic and two mottos (one of which contains an eleven-letter word) on the back of a quarter, but wow.

Stay tuned

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This may look a little screwy over the next week or so. I’m testing out a new theme behind the scenes, but it may affect how things look regardless.

UPDATE (06-04-08): Ok, that didn’t go quite as planned. Back to your regularly scheduled theme.

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