I like to fiddle with things

June 6th, 2006 Comments Off on I like to fiddle with things

So I’ve moved everything from MovableType to WordPress. In part because I was bored, but WordPress really does seem easier to manage, theme, customize and extend.

I’ll get everything reimplemented eventually, but for now the quotes, Cafeshops, galleries, and the recently played pages are gone. The theme will likely change, too, but Scott Wallick make some nice themes and this one will do for now.

Also, does anyone know of a plugin for WordPress similar to MovableType’s Better File Uploader? I’ve looked through the Codex page for image plugins and haven’t found anything that is what I’m looking for and works well on a Mac. Doing everything through Flickr is an option, but there has to be a locally-hosted option that works.

The last of which I could never get to work quite right after Apple replaced crontab with launchd.

UPDATE: ImageManager 2.0 might be the answer to my image-uploading prayers. However, it requires NetPBM or ImageMagick which leads to DarwinPorts which leads to XCode (most of which I meant to reinstall forever ago).

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