Justice at 5 MPH

January 12th, 2006 § Comments Off on Justice at 5 MPH § permalink


Three police Segways parked outside an Ann Taylor Loft downtown during lunch today. Whenever I see these things I think of Denis Leary’s bit about third-generation cops who end up on bike patrol. “You want a siren, use your mouth!” These have to be lower on the How Cool is Your Police Vehicle? rankings, right?

Blurry is a valid style

January 5th, 2006 § Comments Off on Blurry is a valid style § permalink

So I forgot to take my camera to the NYE party I organized, but a couple friends didn’t. Feast your eyes on the photographic stylings of Bob and Hugh.

Yeah, the cops showed up, not because of us but because one of the bartenders has a crazy ex-boyfriend (with matching restraining order) who called the cops on her in a fit of drunken stupidity and bitterness. They figured out the situation pretty quickly and never even came in the bar.

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