Bear on a wire

October 20th, 2005 § Comments Off on Bear on a wire § permalink

spooky bearIf you saw this week’s Lost, were you as creeped out by this as I was? Great googily moogily.

Ah, Craigslist

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This is amazing. I posted a listing for these tables on Craigslist offering them to anyone who wanted to carry them away, and linked to a larger version of the picture on Flickr. Figured I might get a response or two, and if not I was completely prepared to toss them in the alley.

After the post I went to lunch with a friend. Came back an hour later and there were twenty responses, and the picture had been viewed forty times.

Yes, I’ll be using Craigslist for more old furniture.


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livingroomHere’s my living room. Grendel is keeping watch. Yes, I need to hang pictures, should get some of that done today.

Bring it on

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Turned comments on. Do your worst. I haven’t redone the Comment Preview template to look like the rest of the site, so you get to see the generic MovableType style for now.

Might get the photo section done this weekend. Who knows.

Been a while

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alleyHaven’t posted anything here in a long time. MovableType 3.2 is slick, though. Here’s a picture of an alley.

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