Now even shinier

February 18th, 2005 § Comments Off on Now even shinier § permalink

Yay, a new site design.

It still uses the basic structure from the old design, IcyBlue, although I added a footer and did the navigation menu differently.

And because I have absolutely no aesthetic sensibility for color (anyone who’s been to my apartment knows what I mean), I used a color picker/matcher thing.

The image used in the header is from a Flickr user named Peter Morgan, who both travels and takes photographs at a level that I envy. Luckily for me he is a fan of the Creative Commons.

The photo section is still down. I’d considered shelling out for a Flickr Pro account and posting everything there, but the do-it-yourselfer in me finally won that battle. Eventually everything will be displayed with Gallery. It will be great.

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